Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Much better days

Saturday and Sunday were super low key compared to Friday. From what I hear this is much more the norm.

The bus doesn't start running on the weekend here until 7, so that was kind of a dilemma for me, since I need to be at report at 6:45. I was planning on just walking. The weather is nice and it's a good way to get into the zone before I get dumped into a crisis. On this particular day as I was sleeping and hitting snooze multiple times I WAY overslept the time that would have allowed me to walk to the hospital! I woke up in a complete panic. By some miracle my friend had left me her car outside! So I was able to drive to work, was completely on time, and walked in looking very cool and collected (which, of course, is a complete lie).

I went to do an ECG on an elderly patient. The conversation went something like this:
Me - "Hello, are you Sonja?"
PT - "Yes, hello."
I start setting up my equipment. I check the patient wrist band. It does NOT say Sonja on it.
Me - "You aren't Sonja."
PT - "No, you are."


Otherwise on Saturday, I drank a lot of coffee. I watched a lot of HGTV. One patient kept converting into and out of Afib, which made some of us question the wisdom of giving more Ventolin.

I noticed a lot of the elderly patients on the floors were starting to look a little worse for the weather. They all seem very cold and tired, which makes me a little sad. In the downtime I also tested a lot of ventilators, and stocked them up and put them in the storage rooms. We use Evita XL.
It's very similar to a vent I learned on in school, but I still feel completely useless. I like that most of the ones we use here have ETCO2 right in line. It makes the patient wye very heavy, but it's great info to be getting right at the bedside. 

Sunday was pretty much the day of the grim reaper. The RT I was sharing a floor with treated one of his patient at 12. At 12:20, I was up doing my treatments, and the RN asked me if room 352 was mine. I said no, but she is on our list. I was informed that she had passed away quite suddenly. I passed the info along and everyone was quite in shock. They cleared out that room. 

I was called for a stat ECG, so I went up and found the patient. He didn't seem to be very responsive. When I asked the nurse about it, they said he had just been sedated for a procedure, so I ECG'd away. The results of the ECG were super interesting - Wandering pacemaker with an occasional PVC. About an hour later I was charting near the nurses station, when all sorts of commotion broke out. The patient had a blood glucose level of 0.1. They called for an RT stat, and my floor coworker came up in minutes. He then basically had to argue with nurses who wanted invasive procedures done even though the patient was on health maintenance (which basically means "no extraordinary measures"). They were calling the family and moving the patient into the single room - 352. About an hour later we were called for a stat ABG and ECG. I rushed to get the ABG supplies while my co worker got the ECG machine. We walked by room 352 and the patient seemed to be seizing. The doctor looked at us, and shook his head. We just put our supplies back. What a day.

We finished the day off by sedating a little 7 year old guy who had fallen off the play ground equipment and broken his arm. He did NOT want an oxygen mask on. Mom had to leave the room when the doctor set the bone, and dad was sitting in the corner looking super pale. And that's the end of swimming for him for 6 weeks, just in time for summer!

My friend has some property with a cabin on a large reservoir, not far from the city. I've been traveling out there with her a few times now, and it is so awesome. It is such a good place to unwind. Last night we went out on the kayak, and then she went swimming. It is definitely not warm enough for swimming yet! I hope to spend the July long weekend out there. That's all that's going on in my personal life these days!

Hospital sleep hospital sleep.

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