Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long Day

After three days of work (during which I did not accomplish much - except a bit of a tan), I hopped on the greyhound to go to my home city to help my friend move. I spent 8 hours on Monday packing the kitchen and getting it all ready to go. At this point I was so tired. I got home, whined and moaned and bitched about being so tired, laid in the bed with all my clothes on and complained about being too hot. Then I complained that I had to brush my teeth, and then I complained that I was thirsty. I'm sure Jen was really happy to have me home for the evening.

The cat showed her affection for me most of the night. Then in the morning, I sluggishly got ready to go to school for a debrief day - because I wasn't tired and cranky enough already. So I was totally looking forward to this day because I have been isolated in this more rural (still a city - but more rural) hospital, with 3 classmates who aren't that bad, but are not my best friends from school. I had built this day up into this wonderful fun day of catching up with classmates and minimal learning. I was sadly disappointed. The power of how annoying all the other students are totally destroyed the joy I had at seeing the 10 students that I love.
I suffered through a day of everyone's stories, some group work, some learning. At 2 pm we are set free. I have arranged a ride with one of my country hospital classmates. We spend the 3 hour ride chatting about nothing, and I give her what I would consider some solid dating advice (even though she is a Mormon and I would guess has different ideals for dating etc.) The whole conversation is mildly ironic, and is drawing to a close when we enter into a massive thunder, lightning, and hail storm. It's so bad that we actually have to pull over and by the time we get home the delay has added 30 minutes onto the trip! I'm home now, nauseas (I'm sure the hot dog for lunch, and DQ for supper have nothing to do with this), exhausted and contemplating a 7 pm bedtime. The highlight of my day is realizing it is Tuesday - and a new Savage Love podcast is out!

Two more days of work and then a long weekend!

In case you need a personal defibrillator - one can be obtained at Costco. Yes seriously.

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