Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Wasting Time

I've been home for nearly a week. My orientation ended last Thursday at noon and my shifts start this Thursday at 6:45 AM. What have I accomplished in nearly a week of undisturbed laziness.

Not much.

We watched a bad movie or two. The most notable being "No Impact Man."
No Impact Man

This is a boring movie about a writer who doesn't have enough talent to write about anything interesting. So he invents a gimmick to draw some attention to himself - he is going to stop harming the environment. Some things he and his family go without include: electricity, new clothes, toilet paper, cleaning products, refrigerator (no electricity right), and the list goes on and on. The guy mostly buys into it, but his wife is a total sham. She has an office job for a big corporation. So every day she goes to work and enjoys all of these things at work. Along the way, they also decide to have a baby - even though he does not want one and eventually ends up "giving her for her birthday" the opportunity to have another child. OMG. Really? If you are with a guy who doesn't want to have a baby - don't have a baby. Do you think maybe that is something you guys should have thought about before you got married. He even confesses a bit that he was unsure about getting married to her. She is pretty whiny, so I can understand that.  He ends up getting a lot of publicity, but the movie really drags. 

Ok. After I watched some bad documentaries, Jen and I started to plan our wedding! This is something I've been putting off for months due to being completely pre-occupied with school. We finally made some decisions:
  • Location: Vancouver Island
  • Date: Easter 2011
  • Guests: Less than 40
We have been looking at quite a few venues and our favorite at the moment is Tigh-Na-Mara Resort. Too bad we don't live anywhere near it so we can't go check it out in person. 

We also have been planning a summer holiday (I have the month of August off - my only reprieve from my year long unpaid practicum). We have booked a trip to Ecuador - more on that later. It will serve as a sort of pre-wedding-honeymoon.

To round out my week I whittled my cell phone plan to practically nothing. Bell does not have a lot to offer in way of cheap plans. I looked around though, and Telus and Rogers are nothing special either. I no longer have internet, caller id, or voice mail. And still it is more than $40 a month! I am just waiting out my contract (January 2011) so that I can make a move to one of the alternative cell phone contractors (Virgin, Wind, Koodo - I'm not really sure).

And now all I have left to do is to book my Greyhound ticket back to my Hospital City and head back there tomorrow.

I'm increasingly nervous to start my first rotation! It is on wards, so that is at least a little less intimidating than ICU! A bit of a slower pace, with a little more ventolin and trach care, and way less vents. 


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