Thursday, June 24, 2010


Patient - Elderly gentleman being prepped for surgery

Med lab tech is drawing blood, but the patient doesn't even have a wrist band with his name on it yet, so they call the nurse for the wrist band. She brings it, and the lab tech says... "Better this tag than a toe tag." OMG. Who says something like that?

I saw my first ever patient with platypnea. Usually patients feel much better when slightly elevated, but this poor guy was just drenched in sweat, and when I layed him down for the ECG his work of breathing seemed to disappear. Apparent causes of this phenomenon include:
  1. left atrial thrombus
  2. left atrial tumors
  3. pulmonary A-V Fistula
          (thanks Wikipedia)

I can't say that the patient had any of that. He seemed to have some Afib juding from the ECG, but there was so much artifact. First the patient was soaking with sweat, so I had to dry him off to get all the stickers to stick. Then he had a very hairy chest so I had to get the nurse to shave some spots off for me (definitely outside of my scope of practice). I just couldn't get a clear ECG. Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

On the personal front I have had 2 days off and no idea of what to do with them. First I mowed my grandparents lawn and took their dog for a walk (part of my ongoing plan to be the favored grandchild - this is not a hard contest). I also went for a nice long walk with my friend and her dog. It's a bit muddy out and I did fall on my ass once. See, this is ridiculously boring. I have nothing to do when I'm not at the hospital.

I have been living in a 4 bedroom townhouse on the college campus for the summer. When I moved in I had 2 room mates, and they were a bit odd, but I like having company, since I am afraid of the dark. Now they are both gone, and I am enjoying the space a lot. Tonight will be my first night all alone, but so far I am enjoying peeing with the bathroom door open.

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