Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot Tips

I am in the midst of 3 shifts, which always wears me out.

In my absence I offer some good advice.

1. If your patient has CHF, please do not discontinue lasix (message to the doctor)
2. If your patient with CHF is off their lasix, please do not encourage them to take more ventolin for their "wheezes." It increases their HR (message to the nurse)
3. If your patient is agitated, it doesn't mean they need BiPap, it means they need sedation. (another message to the doctor)
4. An ECG is not needed to come up with the diagnosis of "tachycardic" (message to the nurse)
5. Stop procrastinating and write your damn discussion post about epiglottitis (message to me)

I got off easy today, with no trach care. I watched a 6 year old girl get her arm set in the most unnatural way. They bent it at a 90 degree angle at mid radius/ulna. Thank god for propofol. The mom was so annoying. She kept trying to explain medical things to her daughter, who was clearly in pain and just not caring. I was annoyed and I wasn't even in pain.

I am getting sick or I am already sick. I haven't decided, and am full speed ahead on the Cold FX because I cannot afford a sick day!! I have to have 1600 hours of work time this year, and it's pretty tight.  I knocked myself out cold with some tylenol cold and sinus last night. At 4 AM I woke up, completely freaked out, with no pillow, and my blanked bunched up under my head. What the hell.

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