Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 1: The Real Day 1

I got to work 1 minute late! Not a good start. The bus runs every 30 minutes though, so tomorrow I will be 29 minutes early!

Since I am on wards this week, most of the day consisted of administering treatments to those unable to do it themselves.  What usually takes an hour or so took us MUCH longer today. We were called to do an ABG, and even though I have still not successfully done one, I am glad my preceptor took on this one. It was a confused elderly woman who eventually needed to be restrained by two LPNs so that the sample could be obtained.

I watched my first ECG, and then was allowed to fly solo on the second one. The patient (see elderly ABG patient above) was pretty tired out from the ABG and didn't put up much of a fight for the ECG. I need to work some more on my landmarking.

We were called to labour and delivery for a possible meconium. We waited an hour for the baby to finally arrive, and although he was a bit quiet, by time we left all was well (ie: he was shrieking) and he was quite a cutie! The mom was in a lot of pain - births always make me question the logistics of birth. Hearing that little snip when they cut the mom... is the worst part.

In the afternoon we split up the work and I did some assessments on my own. Mostly my preceptor just sent me into the patients she wasn't too excited about seeing again. She even once used me as an excuse to get the patient to use a spacer with his MDI. "My student really needs practice at this."

I hit the ER a few times. The first was a conscious sedation for a cardioversion. They tried adenosine first. The adenosine was not successful, so they moved onto cardioversion, and that did the trick and slowed the rate right down. The second call to the ER was to do some asthma teaching - to someone who has had asthma for a while and has all the inhalers at home... They wanted us to teach about the meds they were giving via aerosol in the ER. Strange.

12 hours down, 1588 to go.

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