Monday, May 24, 2010

Lying in wait...

I have arrived in City B to begin my practicum. I'm staying in a dorm, which is more of townhouse than a dorm really - so kind of livable. It's a four bedroom place, with 3 bedrooms occupied (including me!), 2 bathrooms, shared kitchen and living area.

One room mate is a bit odd. I asked her how long she would be staying (as during the summer, most of the dwellers are short term transients) and she replied with, "It depends if I get a job or not." So I asked her what she had taken at school. - General Studies.- What kind of job do you even apply for with that? How do you narrow it down? Well if she doesn't find a job, then she is heading back to the farm. In the mini van. I opened the fridge up, and found (among other things) a white sesame seed bun, with what appears to be a single cheese slice dressing it. It is clearly marked "CANDY" lest I might like to take it for lunch tomorrow. Ha. Not when I have delicious freezer pizza to take!

I am already pretty bored and missing home, but I'm sure that will change once I'm full on in the hospital.

I think I'll iron my scrubs tonight in preparation.

(And hit bed early - I forced myself to stay up til 12:30 last night watching the series finale of a show I didn't even watch!)

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