Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Become an RT?

I've started work on my page that gives some info on how to become an RT. Really, it is quite simple and I am not sure if it needs a whole page.

Go to school for 3 years. Write a test. The end. I remember, when I was looking into becoming an RT (from the desk of my office job, every day) I found it difficult to find a good source for all of this information. Which school should I go to? What test? Do I need a stethoscope?

So... my plan is to compile a good list of sites, maybe some advice for anyone considering the career. I realize I don't have any experience as a working therapist yet, but hopefully I will in the future and hopefully this site will get to a point where other viewers will leave comments and feedback for me and others on the path.

Please note: Yes I know all this info is available on the CSRT website - but I don't like it. And the more the merrier - right?

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