Monday, May 17, 2010


The countdown to practicum is inching slowly along (7 days!). I actually had a nightmare last night, that I was at practicum, in my new place, and had forgotten to pack everything I needed. Must remember stethoscope. I am freaking out actually - excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm up one pair of scrubs, but have yet to get my existing pair all all hemmed up. So that leaves me with a grand total of 1 pair that are functional. The new pair I bought came in shorter lengths, which is awesome, since I'm short. What was kind of frustrating is that I tried on a dozen pairs of scrub pants before the scrub lady thought to bring me the short size! She was going on and on about hemming but wait - if only there was some way to tell that I am short just by looking at me. But I digress. Ok. So one pair of new scrubs, one pair on order (that will need to be hemmed - Mobbs don't come in short), and one pair of old ones (that still need to be hemmed). So eventually I will have 3 pairs, which I think will fulfill my scrub needs. One never knows the amount human goo that will end up on my hospital wear.  

And this is good news too - although I would want them in white. Keen makes hospital shoes! How awesome!
Keen Women's PTC Slip-On Shoe

So far (in my second year Hospital Rotations) I have been flip flopping between a pair of Saucony Runners and my Merrell Hospital Shoes (see right). 
The Merrell's are pretty comfy, but not near as cute as the Keens! Maybe when they wear out.

Women's Merrell Jungle Moc Pro (8.5 M in White)

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