Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 2: Things are looking up

We truly had nothing left to do after yesterday so we were set loose! I shadowed an awesome Respiratory Therapist all day.

First thing on the agenda - watching a pigtail chest tube get pulled! I hadn't seen or heard of this before - so it was totally interesting to watch. I can't find any good photos of it, or youtube videos - but the catheter is so much smaller and thus less painful and less damaging to the site. It still looked damn painful when he pulled it out (carefully clamping it, so the wire didn't shoot into the lungs!!) and the patient did not seem impressed.

Our next assignment was the pediatric ward. At the beginning of the day we were following 6 patients there. By the end of the day there was only 1 little guy left. We are apparently suffering from a prolonged breakout of RSV leading to bronchiolitis. I gave a lot of ventolin (I think that is called albuterol in the states) to a lot of wheezy kids. Some took it like a champ, and some were definitely a two man job - with one person holding the kidlets hands, and then other holding the mask up to the face. One little guy was hungry and started to chew on my (gloved) hand!

A different string of RTs were on today and were comprised mostly of girls. This meant that while sitting in the back room having lunch we watched Say Yes to the Dress and A Baby Story (instead of Survivorman). 

The day went a lot faster when I actually got to do something. In the afternoon we re-assessed all of the patients and gave everyone their meds. I got lots of practice at administering puffers. 

We are allowed to sleep in tomorrow! Work starts at 8:30 tomorrow. 


  1. I hope you'll be seeing more very interesting procedures! The open heart I stood in for 6 hours was pretty cool to see!

  2. I hope I get to see something interesting in my OR rotation!