Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 1: Orientation

I needed to take a bus to the hospital since I am carless and living in a dorm like a 19 year old. I had previously looked up bus schedules, but since I did not want to be late (and was meeting my classmate at 7:30) I struck out to the stop at 7:05. I was on a bus at 7:06 and sitting in the hospital foyer (better than lobby?) by 7:12. My friend showed up at 7:35, that left a lot of time to sit and think.

Orientation started slowly. The RT "back room" is a small room filled with overstuffed black leather (faux) furniture with a large flat screen TV. If there is one thing I have learned on my journeys through various hospitals, it is that the TV is the center of the RT office. RTs seem to watch a lot of TV (when they are not busy saving lives).

Nothing was really organized for the orientation so the morning consisted of all the random facts the educator could think to tell us about and a tour! I was glad to hear that RTs do all the intubating (unlike my home city, where it is all residents) and that once I am proficient at ABGs I will also be allowed to insert Art Lines! The role of the RT is not that great in this hospital's Emergency Department, in regards to meds. They do all their own aerosol treatments.
We were taken on a tour of most of the hospital including the OLD building - smells like pee, but excluding the psych ward.

We also needed photo ID - so that took a little while too.

This took until lunch.  We were given a 1.5 hour lunch. As you can see we were very pressed for time to fit in all of the orienteering.  I had a 30 minute nap on the grass during this time.

Afterward I watched survivorman for a while, before having a coffee break and being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

We were cut loose at 3. To be repeated in some fashion tomorrow.

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