Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Actually a third year now....

After two grueling years of school I can finally say that I am a third year Respiratory Therapy Student.

Exams were a bit touch and go, especially since I had lost the will to study, or even get out of bed.

Anesthesia - pass
Advanced Pathophysiology - pass
Vents 3 - pass
PFTs - pass
Simulation - pass
Year 2 Cumulative Exam - PASS

I was pretty relieved. I got my worst mark, in my best class - PFTs. Everything else was high mediocre.
I definitely need to brush up on my pharmacology and ACLS before I hit the hospital.

This means that after a short 3 week break, during which I have a pile of work to get done, I will uproot myself from my cozy home, move into a college dorm for the summer, and spend most days from 7 am to 7 pm being a peon of Respiratory Therapy. June and July are particularly busy, and I will barely be able to come home at all to see Jen. Luckily later in the year I will have my specialty rotations in my city, at home.

I have a log book which is quite specific and I think I will really need to stay on top of it to get it all filled in. Probably lots of exciting and disgusting things are going to happen over the next year... and I hope to write here every day or so to keep track of it!

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