Friday, March 26, 2010

Senioritis - 13 days of class and counting.

Yesterday I lost my lab binder. I realized as I was driving to work in the country. Way too far to go back. So now, with 45 minutes to go, I am printing out a new copy of today's work and filling it in in a panic. Nothing new really.
With so little time, but still 4 or 5 quizzes, and 2 essays due I feel like I really should be in more of a panic but have seemed to fall into an apathetical state.

Sidenote - I am in a computer lab right now, and these two girls are whispering very creepily. I am confused as it is not a library. And usually these computer labs are filled with raucous noises. So strange. Now I am worried that they are plotting my death.

So instead of doing homework/studying I am:
a) being paranoid
b) planning a trip for Easter
c) blackberry messenger
d) staring at this screen
e) writing a blog post.

Now that my priorities are in order, it is time to keep procrastinating and put all competencies and exams out of my mind!

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