Friday, March 26, 2010

The Niceness Conundrum.

Conundrum: A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem

I have encountered a conundrum. I am calling it the "niceness" conundrum. Here it is. People are ridiculous, and they do ridiculous things. Therefore, it is fun to make fun of them. Some consider this to be not very nice. So after one is done being "mean" sometimes there is a feeling of guilt. So maybe I should stop being mean and making fun of people. But then that takes all the fun out of life! So either I can feel good about being nice (which I probably won't feel at all, instead I will just not feel the guilt of meanness), or feel good about laughing at people. What to do what to do!

Problem #2. Today on the way home I saw a girl coming from my school wearing fishnet stockings. It looked absolutely ridiculous. I thought to myself, "You should take a picture of this, as this is funny." Then I remembered the crackberry makes an obvious "photo taking" sound. However I have just solved this problem, and will soon be posting photos of ridiculousness that I see all around me. Another option I thought of was possibly just doing drawings in paint. There was an especially spectactular one I could have done today involving a gut. You are all missing out.

Really what got me thinking about all of this was my class today. We had a guest speaker and as usual on Friday afternoon approximately 15 people showed up to class. The speaker was engaging and the topic was relevant to the material we are learning (Altitude Mountain Sickness in particular) but there was this terribly annoying noise coming from the back of the room. Someone had brought PEANUTS to class. Unshelled peanuts. So as the speaker was describing a scene from a book where someone succumbs to altitude and takes their last breath, all I can hear is the incessant cracking of peanut shells. Seriously - where is common sense? So as I was mocking these people, they of course walk out of the room just as I am saying I would like to ram peanuts down their throats. So on the one hand I was hilarious, but on the other hand I was an ass. What a conundrum.

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